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Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod or Watch Hill?, May 2023

81 Manatuck Avenue, Watch Hill, RI
When comparing luxury real estate options in Rhode Island, Martha's Vineyard, and Cape Cod, Watch Hill, RI emerges as a compelling choice for a buyer coming from the Boston area. Here's a comprehensive analysis highlighting the factors that make Watch Hill a better buy in terms of value and convenience:
  1. Commute Times and Highway Access: Watch Hill offers a significant advantage in terms of commute times and highway access. Located in the southwestern corner of Rhode Island, it is approximately 90 miles from Boston, which translates to a manageable 2-hour drive. This proximity ensures convenient access to the city while still allowing residents to retreat to a peaceful coastal setting. In contrast, both Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod require additional travel time, including ferry rides, which can be time-consuming, especially during peak seasons.
  2. Amtrak Access: Watch Hill boasts excellent Amtrak access through its nearby Westerly station. Amtrak's Northeast Regional service connects Westerly directly to Boston's South Station, making it a convenient transportation option for those who prefer to avoid driving. This direct rail link enhances the ease of commuting for buyers coming from the Boston area.
  3. Private Plane Access: Watch Hill offers private plane access through nearby Westerly State Airport. This airport accommodates general aviation traffic, making it convenient for affluent individuals who own or charter private aircraft. This accessibility provides an added advantage for those seeking a luxurious and hassle-free travel experience to and from their coastal residence.
  4. Miles of Beaches: Rhode Island, including Watch Hill, is renowned for its beautiful coastline and pristine beaches. Watch Hill Beach, Napatree Point, and East Beach are just a few examples of the picturesque shoreline that residents can enjoy. While both Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod offer stunning beaches as well, Watch Hill provides a more secluded and serene environment, creating an exclusive atmosphere for luxury homeowners.
  5. Access to Cosmopolitan Areas: Watch Hill is conveniently located within a few hours' drive or train ride of cosmopolitan areas like New York City. This proximity allows residents to access world-class cultural attractions, high-end shopping, fine dining, and entertainment options easily. The proximity to Boston, combined with access to New York City, makes Watch Hill an ideal location for those seeking a luxury property with convenient connections to major metropolitan areas.
  6. The influx of Crowds and Weekend and Summer Residents: While Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod attract large crowds and experience an influx of weekend and summer residents, Watch Hill maintains a more exclusive and tranquil atmosphere. It is a sought-after destination known for attracting affluent individuals seeking privacy and relaxation. Watch Hill's sophisticated and upscale ambiance appeals to discerning buyers looking for a serene retreat without the bustling crowds typically associated with Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod.
In conclusion, when considering factors such as commute times, highway access, Amtrak access, private plane access, miles of beaches, proximity to cosmopolitan areas, and the cultural atmosphere, Watch Hill, RI emerges as a better buy in terms of value and convenience for a buyer coming from the Boston area. Its ideal location, exclusive appeal, and luxurious amenities make it a prime choice for those seeking a high-end coastal retreat.

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